Floor Burnishing in Annapolis

It is important to get your floors cleaned, maintained and burnished on a regular basis. Failing to do so will not only cause depreciation but it will almost certainly reduce the lifespan of your much-loved flooring. While it is true that cleaning the floors in your home could be considered somewhat of a DIY job, burnishing certainly is not. If you live in or near Annapolis and want to make sure that your floors are burnished to the highest possible standard, then you need to contact Two Dudes Cleaning Inc. today and let us take care of the rest. With a passion for floor burnishing and a commitment to delivering the best customer service possible, there is no challenge too big or job too small for us.

Advantages of Using Burnish for Your Floor

In the floor maintenance sphere a debate is raging as to whether burnish or oil finish is the best way of protecting your floors. At Two Dudes Cleaning Inc. we believe that there are benefits to both methods, however for longer lasting and more durable protection we are of the opinion that burnish offers you more. That being said, an oil finish is not without its merits. Here are some of the advantages of both options:

  • Oil Finish Advantages: Tung oil is one of the most penetrating and long-lasting oil finishes. Extremely durable, it gives your floor a glow and shine that is particularly beneficial for antique floors. On top of that, oil finishes such as tung oil do not crack or peel in the manner that surface coatings can. There is no doubt about it, oil finishes simply don’t protect your flooring as much as burnish does, but, unlike burnish, you need only one coat of oil for optimal results.
  • Benefits of burnish: The most obvious benefit of burnishing is that it is durable enough to resist almost all spills, knocks and dents once it has been applied correctly. Another advantage of burnish that oil finishing doesn’t offer is the fact that it has natural anti-dust collecting characteristics. This occurs because the burnish fills the floor’s pores and, as a result, prevents them from collecting dust. One of the drawbacks of burnish is that unlike oil finishing, it generally requires a number of coats for optimal results. There is a certain finesse and skill required to apply burnish correctly, and this is another reason why it should always be done by a professional.

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