Washington Strip and Wax Tile Floor Cleaning

Your Washington business only has one chance to make a good first impression. And no matter how amazing your goods or services are, if your floors are dirty that is most likely what people will remember about your business.

No one should ever underestimate the value of a clean floor, especially when it’s cleaned by Two Dudes Cleaning Inc. because our company provides the best floor care in Washington. Our family-owned and operated business was built on our strong work ethic and putting customer satisfaction above all else. One of our two dudes will always be on-site working, supervising and inspecting all the work.

We have a number of janitorial specialties available to Washington clients, but one of our top-rated services is our strip and wax tile floor cleaning. Vinyl flooring is cost-effective, attractive, sturdy and wear-resistant with the proper care. Without proper care, you could be facing an expensive re-flooring project in the near future. Save yourself the trouble and cost, and call (410) 603-6732 to speak with one of the two dudes about your needs and we’ll be happy to provide you with a complimentary cost estimate for our strip and wax tile floor cleaning services.

Why Strip and Wax Your Tile Floors

Aside from the obvious reason of showing customers and clients that you are detail-oriented and thorough, there are many benefits to using Two Dudes Cleaning Inc. to strip and wax your business’s vinyl tile floors, including:

  • Preventing scratches. In high traffic areas, such as your business, it is very easy for all the movement to wear down the floor’s wax coating. Without a fresh, protective layer of wax, scratches to the flooring can happen easily. And once scratched, there’s nothing we can really do short of installing a new floor if you want them to look beautiful.
  • Preventing any tile lifting. When the protective layer of wax gets worn down, it leaves tiles vulnerable to the elements. Water, debris and dirt can get in the layer’s cracks and inside the tiles. When the glue becomes waterlogged, it will no longer stick and your floors will peel back. Is there anything more unattractive than a floor that looks like it’s falling apart?
  • Preventing stains and discoloration. Without proper protection, the color and shine that your floors once had can become dull and even discolored. Once discolored and stained, your floors will never seem perfectly clean no matter how hard you buff and scrub.
  • Creating shine. When a crew of professionals properly maintains your floors, the regular stripping, waxing and the occasional buff treatments can create an unforgettable shine. It will also make your mopping more efficient with a surface that’s so much easier to clean on a consistent basis.

Get the shine your business deserves and call (410) 603-6732 to find out what Two Dudes Cleaning Inc. can do you for you.

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